Monday, August 20, 2012

Well Answered Prayer

Well Answered Prayer



As you look in the mirror, I’m watching your face

And I see the sadness you feel

As you wish for the youth that you could replace

Or to slow down the spin of the wheel


You catch me looking and cover your eyes

And ask me to please turn away

But my precious darling, you must realize

That I love you more every day


My love………,

I don’t care……..,

About lines, or the grey in your hair

I know………,

Nothing’s fair……..,

But I need you to know,

That it’s not just for show,

And you are my well answered prayer


Each quiet morning, as coffee is cooled

And sleepiness hangs in your eyes

I smile from my heart, but you say you’re not fooled

And you wonder if pity brings lies


What can I say to you, what will it take

To show what I’m unworthy of

And each time I touched you, was a drop in the lake

That grew to an ocean of love


My love………,

I don’t care……..,

We’ve earned every flaw that we wear

You say………,

It’s not fair……..,

But I treasure the grace,

In your beautiful face,

And you are my well answered prayer

You are my well answered prayer

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Wrote A Song


There are things that I need to say

That I think you need to hear

And they won’t just go away

And my heart won’t disappear

If the devil had his way

I would live with all this fear

But I’m standing hear today

Hoping I can make it clear


I cannot make a speech

I will not scream and yell

And it’s just outside my reach

To tell what I must tell

I am not a man to preach

Cause I’ve spent my time in hell

And I can’t pretend to teach

Something I don’t know that well


And so……..

I wrote a song

To try to say what I have been

Holding in so long

It’s here……..

Where you belong

And I hope that after you must go

You hear it on the radio

For all I cannot say

I wrote a song




I’m not a movie star

I’m not a wealthy man

I cannot take you far

But I’d do what I can

My road is rock and tar

My champagne in a can

But we are what we are

And that I understand


And so……..

I wrote a song

To try to say what I have been

Holding in so long

It’s here……..

Where you belong

And I hope that after you must go

They play it on the radio

For all I cannot say

I wrote a song

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

All Day Long

All Day Long

©2012 Jack Deremiah


A butcher, a baker, I’m a real big faker

and sometimes it makes me laugh,

So divvy up the bottle, I’ve a yen to set my throttle

and at this age I gotta move fast,

I apologize in advance

for my speech and my unsteady stance,

So take your hat and toss it,

heaven knows I’ve lost it,

Come on baby, let’s dance.


I’m a little bit of romance and I’m a little bit of pig,

I ain’t gonna lie to no girl.

I’m a little bit of Elvis Presley, who never got his gig,

And I’ve been waitin’ for you, babe, all day long


A tinker, a tailor, I’m a love boat sailor

and I’m happy to be here,

An amorous gorilla from that drop of pure vanilla

that you place behind each ear,

So if you see me swing and sway,

it ain’t the music that takes me away,

Before I get too far gone, someone turn them stars on,

Come on baby, let’s dance


I’m USDA prime,

long as you can catch me well before nine.

I ain’t looking for a mother or a wife,

but I got me eye on my shelf-life,

Come on babe, I’ll take you up in a whirl,

If you got a better offer you should take it, girl.

The night is young and I’m lookin’ to dance


A lawyer, a thief, I’m a love tribe chief

with a tee-pee full of flowers.

I’d love to take you home where the buffalo’s roam

You should pencil in a couple of hours.

So if your moccasins are too tight,

kick ‘em off cause it’s gotta feel just right.

We’ll be just like some juvies

in black and white movies,

Come on baby let’s dance.


I’m a little bit of romance and I’m a little bit of pig,

I ain’t gonna lie to no girl.

I’m a little bit of Elvis Presley, who never got his gig,

And I’ve been waiting for you, babe, all day long.

I been waitin’ for you, babe, all day long.

The Sea

On The Sea

©2009Jack Deremiah


I can hear the roar of the waves

I can feel the spray in my face

I can feel the roll of the deck below

I can see the stars out in space


I can feel the wind in my hair

I can smell the salt in the air

I can feel the shake of each knot we make

As we go as fast as we dare


On the open sea when your mind is free

And there’s not a tree for a thousand miles

You can know the Earth from it’s time of birth

And each man has worth on the sea


Stuck upon dry land I am just another animal who sleeps all night

Working the same fields, the same way, the same horizons

    It’s just not right

And when your last breath comes,

    it’s all the same old air from your daily plight

and this fate I’ll fight with all my might


I can do the work of a man

In the strangest places there are

I can put my hand to what few men can

And return to home by a star


I can learn what other men know

I can have some tales when I’m old

I can hear the gulls chasing swaying hulls

I can see night skies made of gold.


On the open sea when the winds agree

There are sights to see like you’ve never known

You can feel your heart; every stop and start

When you are a part of the sea

I Had Sex Today (PG-13) sexual suggestion

I Had Sex Today

©2012 Jack Deremiah


Oh, I had sex today,

My smile won’t go away,

Everything is A-OK,

Cause I had sex today


It was really good,

I’d repeat it if I could,

I’ll tell the neighborhood,

That I had sex today



We did it everywhere,

There’s still stuff in my hair,

So now I want to share,

That I had sex today

Everybody sing!



We had out undies down,

And drove to sexy town,

Oh and by the way,

I had sex today

Sing it with me!



And if you did not have sex today, then I feel bad for you,

Remember there is still some time to get out there and…..try.


Now, just the boys!


Now just the girls!


Now only if it’s true!


Everybody – bring it home!


Violet's Vittle Barn

Violet’s Vittle Barn   ©JackDeremiah2012

If you’re ever down near the south state line,

Do yourself a favor and spend some time,

At a little place just west of the Boy Scout camp,

There’s an old red barn with a worn wood floor,

And smoke coming out of the hayloft door,

Just a left and a right when you leave the exit ramp,

You park in the front but the doors in the back,

By the dry split hickory in a head-high stack,

Step into the dark and let your eyes adjust,

First thing that hits you is this heavenly smell,

And you didn’t realize you were hungry as hell,

And there’s a hardwood chair that the biggest man can trust,

Welcome, welcome all my friends,

To Violet’s Vittle Barn,

They got lip smackin’ love that never ends,

At Violet’s Vittle Barn,

Their fryer’s never stoppin’,

And there’s lots of bread for soppin’,

So take the drive and pop in,

To Violet’s Vittle Barn,

There’s chicken and taters and bacon-beans,

Ham loaf, corn bread and collard greens,

White bread stuffing and our special mac and cheese,

Their rare roast beef is cut real thick,

And every place setting gets a butter stick,

And homemade biscuits that will knock you to your knees,

They got both city style and country ham,

Four kinds of gravy and eight kinds of jam,

And the deviled eggs are extra jumbo size,

There’s whole catfish and hushpuppies too,

And every other Monday is rabbit stew,

And leave some room for amazing home made pies,

Pack up the whole fam-damnilly,

To Violet’s Vittle Barn,

Both regular and the good sweet tea,

At Violet’s Vittle Barn,

It’s feedin’ time adventures,

And hunger fire quenchers,

Bring Grandma and her dentures,

To Violet’s Vittle Barn,

It’s Violet’s Vittle Barn,

Violet’s Vittle Barn.

Zombie Cat

Zombie Cat

Now this here’s a story that some folks don’t believe

But I swear it’s true and happened to me just last New Years Eve

I was drinkin’ homemade wine with my next door neighbor Steve

That’s when we first saw that cat

I wasn’t payin’ much attention when that cat walked by

It kind of leaned to the left and only had one eye

And the closer I looked the more I wondered why

That cat looked like it just rose from the dead

Something triggered claxons that I should be on guard

I chucked a rock and yelled at it to get out of my yard

But it didn’t run and it turned to me and stared real one-eyed hard

And I knew then that this cat was a zombie


Zombie Cat, raised up from the grave

It takes just a little voodoo for the dead not to behave

Zombie blood, pumping through kitty veins

Thinking about some kitty chow that tastes just like my brains

Now zombie cat stared straight at me, it’s evil eye was sure

Commenced to drooling through its fangs and twitchin’ matted fur

I knew right then that just one thing I had could make it purr

All the kitty wanted was my brains

So I ran inside and grabbed my rifle down from up the mantle

Aiming to shoot the life out of this cranium content vandal

So I took a bead and pulled the trigger to snuff the bastards’ candle

And the whole damn cat exploded in my yard


Zombie Cat, Satan resurrected

Little kitty cat done had it’s feline soul infected

Zombie puss, licking it’s deadly paws

Hope my final sight in life aint zombie kitty claws

So I was then victorious and weren’t so much as scratched

And you’d think I sleep much better knowing it had been dispatched

But every night I think the zombie cat may have re-hatched

Cause you know the damn thing has 8 lives left


Zombie Cat, hiding in the weeds

Seeking out the moonlight to fulfill it’s zombie needs

Zombie blood, pumping through kitty veins

keep your little jingle balls, cause all they want is brains.

Zombie cats are after your brains.